Damon Dash

In order to meet someone, you both have to be in the same place at the same time. No matter your journey in life, all roads lead to that one place, at that exact moment. And no matter how different you may be, in that moment, you share something. Damon Dash and I met over sixteen years ago on the set of a Jay-Z music video. It was my first. He was one-third of Rockafella. He was loud and rowdy, exuberant and never without a bottle of vodka. I was drawn to him instantly. We were, in many ways, different from each other. he was a successful business man and I was a struggling single mother willing to do whatever it took to make ends meet. But we met in that place and time in our young lives when anything was possible. What he saw in me was a conglomerate waiting to happen. Damon was the first person to tell me that my story mattered and was worth something. He planted the seed that would become my first book and the beginning of a lucrative publishing career. Sixteen years ago, Damon Dash invested in me.

Over the past sixteen years, I have seen Damon Dash ruffle feathers with his brash way of communicating and with his general beliefs, but I have also seen him make something out of nothing and live the life about which he preaches. I have seen him with his children more than not, and I have seen him spew into the ether. He talks a lot, but that's because he has a lot to say and much of what Damon has to say needs to be heard. It was a pleasure having my friend on the show.

In this episode, Damon does not disappoint. I wanted to center our talk around women and his ideas about investing in women, beginning with his daughters. His concept about building a business around one's relationship is, I think, revolutionary in as society where our careers compete with your love and family lives.

His views are not only clear, but proven, and when one sits and has a civilized conversation with Damon, the messages are delivered without the cloud of controversy that have covered some of his previous interviews. In other words, when you know how to communicate with this man, you extract only the gems. And this interview is full of them.







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The Gorgeous Girl's Guide to...Investing in Women with Damon Dash

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