Brandi Glanville

Upon meeting Brandi Glanville, I liked her immediately. She walked in and the room lit up. She is a statuesque ball of sunshine with barbed wire for rays. She's always protecting herself. She's a hustler and she's all about her business. I can read her like a book because she's an open one, and I like her. The perfect mixture of femininity and masculine energy, she's my kind of girl. Immediately, we started chatting about the publishing industry––just two New York Times bestselling authors shooting the shit. I can tell by the cadence in her voice she's got a busy day ahead of her; there's lots of work to do and this interview is the first on a long list of responsibilities before she heads back home to her sons. She's a lot like me and I can tell this is going to be fun.

Brandi and Karrine in Los Angeles, August 10, 2016.

The conversation was easy flowing, though some of the topics were hard. Talking to Brandi about her very public divorce from Eddie Cibrian brought back memories of the recent and very public end to my third marriage to actor Columbus Short. It felt good to assimilate with another woman who had been through some of what I had, and to know that with time, we can and have all moved forward and found happiness. In discussing the topic, we touched on our public displays of pain on social media and how, though some of that may be regrettable, so much of it helps those who suffer in silence and feel they are alone.

It was also a treat to speak to another New York Times best selling author about the hard work and slow money that comes with such a prestigious title, as well as what it's like raising sons, and being tossed back into the world of dating after the devastating loss of a marriage––or in my case, three.

This was my first interview with someone I hadn't met before and I wasn't sure how it would all play out, but talking to Brandi was just like talking to an old girlfriend over a glass of wine. I appreciate her honesty and willingness to emote. I enjoyed watching her light up when she talked about her sons, and show her vulnerability when discussing her dating experiences on the uber popular Tinder app. Brandi is just a girl, but she's also a super woman and I look forward to seeing her again.

podcastElisabeth Ovesen