My Natural Nail Journey: Lemon and Sugar Scrub

My Natural Nail Journey: Lemon and Sugar Scrub

Over the years, I have gone in and out of acrylics and UV gels nails, as well as gel polish. Now, I have been free of all that for nearly two months, but I have been using a strengthening system by Nail Tek, since I noticed my nails had become painfully weak after wearing gel polish for a little less than a year. This NailTek system isn't a clean system, however, containing many poisons, including the dreaded formaldehyde. So, I knew I couldn't use it long, but it works quickly and helped me immensely in about a month. Now, I am switching to a more non-toxic polish family, and detoxing my nails a bit before I switch. My first my nail beds!

What I've Done:

In the video above, I used a cigar based bod scrub from The Honest Company that I've had lying around for a while. If you don't have a pre-made scrub, no problem! You can mix one up with sugar and coconut oil, as well as other oils like avocado and almond, and essential oils like lavender.

I soaked and cleaned my nail beds in warm lemon water in order to soften my cuticles and any protein built up on my nails. Then, I used the scrub to remove any build-up and to soften my hands. Lastly, I washed my hands with warm water and soap, and then, once more in the lemon water.

What's Next:

I'm super excited because I've got some non-toxic nail polish and nail polish remover on its way to me! I'm excited to make the switch, so I will leave my nails uncovered for the next several days until my new loot arrives, oiling them and rubbing them with garlic cloves for added strength, being very careful not to break or chip them. Naturally, you can expect upcoming posts about these new non-toxic nail products.


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