Fall Favorite: OPI's My Little Petunia

Fall Favorite: OPI's My Little Petunia

Well, for now, I have ditched my natural nail journey and opted for UV Gel nails, once again, after chewing my nails down to nubs. The plan is to fill these UV gels with Cal-Gel as they grow out, trimming the UV's and the unhealthy nail as they grow.

Cal-Gel requires no filing and will protect my natural nails, all the while.

In the interim, a friend of mine gave me this new color from OPI and, even though I usually stay away from such bright colors, I gave it a shot.

This year, I am determined to say, "Yes!" to things I would usually poo-poo. Anyway, At first, I wasn't sure My Little Petunia was the right color for me but after three coats, I was in love. I'm pretty sure I will be rocking this off-and-on all fall, as well as looking for other fall colors I wouldn't usually wear.

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