Chase's Success Story:

In June 2015, Chase rushed out of work to make it to a book signing at The Flatiron Hotel in New York City, hosted by our founder and New York Times bestselling author, Elisabeth Ovesen, nom de plume Karrine Steffans. Once there, and upon meeting our founder, Chase asked Elisabeth about how to deal with feelings about the past. Elisabeth replied the same she always does when asked this question.

"We don’t have a past," she insisted. "We don’t even have what happened five minutes ago. The past is gone. Let go or get dragged."

The concept is simple — in order to have something, it must exist in the present. By definition, the past exists in the past, not in the present. This also applies to the future. All we have is now. Everything else has either gone, or hasn't happened, yet.

You can’t eat your cake and have it!

Shortly after her brief encounter with Elisabeth, Chase was encrusted to move forward, let go of her past, take a leap and start her own business, as an independent contractor for school districts.

Fast forward to April 2018, Chase became a member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, and soon after, signed up for 10 weeks of one-on-one Empowerment Coaching with Elisabeth, who had no recollection of their encounter in 2015.

With Chase's home burned to the ground and a long list of goals, Elisabeth's first task was to physically stabilize Chase, so that she could focus on the work ahead. They achieved that within days, and with a secure place to live, mentor and mentee went to work. 

Over those 10 weeks, Elisabeth and Chase crushed every single goal on the list.

With Chase's business organized, a new website that she learned to maintain on her own, better credit, and a speaker’s kit that will help set her apart as an expert in her field, Elisabeth gave her the advice she give to all her girls...

"Do the work. No one can deny the work. And then, price yourself out of the market."

Chase did both, and even though she was nervous, she believed in the work she’d done and the blessings that had been unblocked once she stabilized and focused. And, she believed in our founder's advice. She priced herself way outside the market...

...and she got what she deserves.

With a $30,000 raise, and now making 6 figures for the first time, Chase is on her way to home ownership. And with the advice Elisabeth shared about widening her niche, she’ll be working with an array of clientele, not just school districts, in 2019.

Plus, she’s already signed up for more coaching!

Elisabeth didn’t know Chase when they took this photo is 2015, and no one could’ve known how our lives would intertwine — but both women are so glad they did. As much as Elisabeth has inspired her, Chase has inspired Elisabeth.

Congratulations, Chase!

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.18.12 PM.png

How Chase Did It:


Step 1:

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide Membership: 
Chase's monthly membership provided instant access to our helpful blogs, printables, and video guides, which helped her take the very best care of herself while in transition after her home burned down. Her membership also gave her access to online membership meetings, lead by our founder. Each meeting focused on a recommended course available in our Practices section, helping Chase stay focused on her personal development while in this most trying phase of her life.


Step 2:

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide Practices: 
Each month, Chase focused on a recommended course, along with other members. She took notes, listened intently during live online membership meetings, and applied everything she learned. The most important course for her circumstances, however, was our Credit Strengthener. As one of our many member favorites, the Credit Strengthener showed Chase how to improve all three bureau scores as she skillfully prepared to purchase a new home before the holidays.


Step 3:

One-On-One Empowerment Coaching:
Chase signed up for 10 weeks of Empowerment Coaching with Elisabeth. Over the next two months, they formulated new business strategies, rebuilt Chase's website, prepared for her professional trajectory as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, and positioned Chase for an exponential raise as an independent contractor. Chase received a $30,000 bump in earnings for the year, and was later awarded even more responsibilities and an additional raise in earnings!

What Are You Waiting For?

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