What's In My Makeup Kit

What's In My Makeup Kit

Anyone who has followed my blogs over the years knows I hate make-up.  I have never been one of those women who wakes up in the morning and slathers a shit-ton of gunk all over my face. 

I, actually, like my face just the way it is and think that make-up makes me look ugly. 

I have found that men hate make-up, too, and would rather you not hug or kiss them with that rap on your face. They hate she you sleep over and leave traced of your heavily made-up face all over their sheets and towels. Men love a naturally beautiful face and a woman secure enough to not hide behind over drawn eyebrows, fake eyelashes, three different shades of eyeshadow, smokey eyeliner, liquid foundation, powder foundation, blush, and lipstick. 

Also, the fact that the majority of women wearing make-up are wearing toxic make-up, all you're doing is ruining your skin so that you can never not wear make-up! 


  • Switch to an organic, natural, and non-toxic daily facial routine like my 10-Step Juice Beauty Routine.
  • Switch to organic,  natural, and non-toxic cosmetics like those made by Juice BeautyTarteILIA, and others.
  • Keep your make-up routine simple and fresh. Let your skin breathe! Less is more and natural beauty is more eye-catching than a made-up face.


I do understand that there are many women who suffer from crazy breakouts and skin issues like rosacea. This is even more reason not to wear make-up everyday, to use organic cosmetics when you do, and to keep it light! Chances are, you're not fooling anyone with your make-up since it tends to magnifies your flaws! Be okay with who you are and learn what's really happening with your skin and how to heal it, versus covering it up. After all, skin is an organ, our largest organ, and it needs to be fed with the same nutrients as the rest of our body. Treat it right and it'll treat you right.


And that's it! 

Keep it light, keep it healthy, and keep it pretty.

New York Times bestselling author and founder of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, Steffans Publishing Enterprises, and Karrine & Co.