Review: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Kit

Review: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Kit

So, there is this eyebrow trend going on wherein women all over the world are under the impression they are on an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

We seem to be surrounded with these giant, overdrawn, dark, scary eyebrows like Murky Dismal from Rainbow Brite. This is usually accompanied by brightly colored eyeshadow, stretching from their eyelids to their eyebrows.

All this shit is dead-ass wrong and you know it.

Now, I am no make-up expert. Personally, I hate make-up and rarely wear it, which is probably why my skin is fucking gorgeous.

But, I digress.

This is how I fill in my eyebrows. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s not obtuse, either. This Anastasia brow kits is pretty self-explanatory, but I do have one tip I’d like to share.

  • The kit comes with an angled brush you are supposed to use for all 3 products (wax, fillers, highlighters). I just use it for the wax and use a smudging/smokey eye brush to apply the filler. This brush is alot easier to manage, fills in the stencil with way less strokes, and blends the filler color(s) better. I also use a different brush for my highlighting or one of those sponge applicators that come with the cheap shadows.

Yeah, it’s not drag queen quality work but, then again, I’m not a damn drag queen.

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