MakeupKarrine Steffans

My 5-Minute Make-Up Routine

MakeupKarrine Steffans
My 5-Minute Make-Up Routine

One of the benefits of healthy eating, drinking several liters of water a day, frequent exercise, and eight hours of sleep every night, is beautiful skin. This is the focus of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide and I hope our message is helping you live a healthier, more beautiful life!

The truth about make-up:

One of the first steps of a healthy skin routine is the absence of make-up. It's a case of what comes first: the chicken or the egg. You want clear skin so you don't need make-up but not using make-up will help you get clear skin!

This is the thing about applying make-up over unhealthy skin––you're not fooling anyone! In fact, you look even worse with a layer of unevenly colored pancake smeared across the  bumps, craters, dry and oily patches on your face.

So, do yourself a favor and ditch the make-up––ditch it now––and when you are able to start wearing it again, opt for less of it, as well as cleaner brands. You can check the toxicity levels of the cosmetics you own now and of the cleaner brands you will purchase in the future, at the Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

It's important to understand that your lifestyle, your cleaners, and your cosmetics all affect the health of your skin. You will have to stop using them and switch to organic and cleaner routines to get healthy, overall.

So, go ahead, ditch that trash, start a new routine and begin enjoying healthier skin in a matter of days!

The Benefit of Healthy Skin:

When you have healthy, clear skin, your need or want for make-up all but vanishes. These days, I still don't wear make-up routinely and, instead, opt for continually moisturizing and treating my skin with my Triple-M Maracuja Oil. When I have a personal or professional meeting, I apply this 5-Minute Make-Up routine and dash out the door with no worries. This is the benefit of healthy skin––confidence to walk out the door wearing little or no make-up. This is the confidence I want for all of you! It is more impressive to be confident in your own skin that behind a mask of make-up.

Products Used:

These four products are a mix of low to moderate toxicity. I've had the MAC blush for about eight years and will switch to a similar, cleaner version when it's finished.


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