The Honest Company: Lip Shimmer

The Honest Company: Lip Shimmer

One of the many, many, many things I love about The Honest Company  is the surprise gifts they send with some of my monthly orders. For Earth Day, they send an evergreen seedling and now, for Mother's Day, they sent a Lip Shimmer!

As with all their products, this Lip Shimmer is non-toxic and natural. But, after a search of the Honest website, I noticed the products isn't yet available. So, as a member, I get to review it before it goes on sale!



Lip Service:

I am not an everyday lipstick wearer. I stopped wearing lipstick back in 2005 when my fiancé told me how much he hated it because it prevented him from kissing me as much as he would like. Not only was he a man who didn't want pink or red smears all over his face but he was also a clean and organic lifestyle enthusiast and was fully aware of the poisons in modern cosmetics. 

So, at his urging, I began skipping the lipstick and opted for natural lip balms.

I do wear clean, natural, and organic lipstick, however, if I am expected to make an appearance of some sort but in my regular life, I am still wearing natural and organic lip balms, daily. And, may I add, I am no longer missing chances to be kissed!

I Think...

I like this lip shimmer. It doesn't offer a whole lot of color, thankfully, but it does add just a healthy hint of shimmer. The stick is a little dry but I keep my lips moisturized with The Honest Company's Organic Lip Balm and that makes for a great companion to this product. The change is subtle and that's perfect for my everyday life.

I am currently waiting for it to be added to their site.

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