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I had an idea back in 2013 to start a blog all about my journey into healthy and peaceful living. Now, years later, we are a members-only community built upon a personal development curriculum that has been proven to change the lives of its members. I'm glad you're here. Please feel free to be fully engaged and vocal about your wants, needs, and goals inside the group. After all, it is the devotion of our members that helps us to grow. Enjoy!

  • commented on Mentorships in 2019 2018-11-08 16:57:22 -0800 · Flag
    Yup, the sign-up page is open. Our official launch is Monday!

  • commented on 2018 Tax Law Changes 2018-11-04 14:13:31 -0800 · Flag
    Thank you for sharing, Mazie! We all need to keep abreast of these new tax laws. We are all being affected, whether we work for others or for ourselves.

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    Hi Adrianne! I tried to add the embed code to the html of the post, but couldn’t get it to work. So, I just added the link to the script. Thanks so much for this. I have been warning members about the Gmail Promotions folder all year, and the helps them organize emails so they don’t end up in Promotions Purgatory!

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    NationBuilder does not have that capability.

  • commented on WWW.THEG3PRACTICES.COM 2018-11-04 08:03:37 -0800 · Flag
    Technically, the Practices can’t be a part of the website, since it’s a 3rd party site. Initially, I tried to get a subdomain for the website, but no one at the web-hosting company seemed to understand how to do it –– which is weird because that’s their whole job. So, I will have to switch web-hosts, eventually.

    Now, The G3 website only allows me to add 9 lessons at a time, each one linking out to the appropriate page at The G3 Practices. The problem is, there are more than nine! So, your question made realize that this could all be alot simpler if I just linked ‘Practices’ to the school, and you all can discover new lessons that way. This way, you can see all of them, and it’s alot less work on my end.


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    Thanks for the reminder! The focus on social will come after the rebuild is completed (by this weekend). Next week, I am preparing marketing materials for a 3-day instagram live event, so that will be a good week to double down on social.

  • commented on New FICO Scoring Model 2018-11-01 21:28:13 -0700 · Flag
    This drives home the point made during our last live stream –– money is important! Being broke and struggling is not an option, and it should never be where anyone rests. There are entirely too many ways to make a significant amount of money in our fields, and the only thing that separates women who thrive and when who merely survive is the amount of work they are willing to do off the clock!

    Get your money up!

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    For my not-so-tech-savvy members who are still struggling with their photos, check out the forum for photo help!

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    Lemon lavender? That would only really work in lemonade, desserts, and fruit smoothies.

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    I have no idea. The website is not finished and I have not had a complete orientation on all the features and how to optimize them. Currently focused on building out the school, adding video content to the lessons, updating printables, creating a series of on boarding videos (after I get my orientation), and building a binder I can give to new members when we open to the public (hopefully very soon). It’s alot and I still have no help. So, I am spending all of my time on the beaconed of the website and not the frontend. For now, I saw some girls are putting their location next to their names in their profiles.


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