How to Hide TV Cords

You're a single girl, there's no man around, and you've got thee pesky black wires hanging from your newly installed flat screen. You can't bury them in the wall because your place is a rental and you really didn't want to install those plastic covers with the sticky backs because they tend to rip the paint off the wall when removed.


This might seem like quite the conundrum, but there is a simple, inexpensive remedy that won't ruin your walls and eat up your rental deposit.

Chandelier cord covers!

They sell for $20 per chord and are open faced with an adhesive at the closure for easy application. They come in an array of colors but the cream silk seems to make the most sense for the average wall paint.

With the cords less visible, you can also place vases and other accessories in front of them to make then disappear even more seamlessly! Use double stick tape to adhere the cord covers alongside a fireplace or other structures.

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