How to Decompress from Social Media

For most, social media is a way to keep up with people they know and stay abreast of the lives of those they don't. For me, it's a way to keep up with the companies and news agencies that interest me, as well as my fanbase. Running a very personal brand, all my public social media accounts are actually business accounts, whereas my personal accounts are kept private from the public. If you're like me, you probably have an easier time putting social media to the side when taking a bit of personal time, but if social media is how you socialize, it can be a bit more difficult to put down. For most people who use it just to keep up with the Jones', social media is addictive and it doesn't add any value their lives or bank account. It wastes precious time and dulls brain cells, yet, they can't seem to stay away from it! Well, maybe these simple tips can help.

Four Steps to Get You Started:

  1. Take social media apps off your phone: This keeps you form having constant access to it everywhere you go. Each social media medium has a website component. You can stay signed in on your desktop or laptop if you would like.
  2. Replace social media apps with news, language, brain games, and other learning apps: Once social media apps are off your phone, you will still have this incredible urge to swipe and tap. Curb that part of your addiction by replacing those apps with smarter apps, apps that can teach you something.
  3. Call and text friends and family: When you want to be social, here's a radical idea––call or text someone you actually know and have a private conversation!
  4. Tailor social media apps differently: When you do put the social  media apps back on your phone, turn off all notifications, stop following celebrities and gossip rags. Follow people you know and institutions or newsfeeds that interest you. Your goal should be to learn something new, get some inspiration, keep abreast of world events, and get a few laughs. Anything else is beneath you, gorgeous.

Find Better, Smarter Apps:

Be Careful What You Put in Your Brain:

A huge part of self care is being cautious as to what you allow into your mind through your eyes. Hateful, hurtful, and unhappy things will only darken your spirit. Gossip and useless chatter will weigh you down. Personally, I never look at such things––not on television and not on the internet. Even the nightly news is too much for my sensitive spirit. I can't withstand all that bad news! So, I take control of what I feed my spirit by limiting what I let into my brain through my eyes and ears. I don't listen to harsh, hateful, misogynistic music. I don't listen to negativity or ignorance. I don 't click on every stupid video or check to see what some other celebrity is up to. None of this feeds my serenity or my success.

Take this same approach when coming away from social media. It's not just that you're on it all the time, it's about what you're taking in while on it! Think about it––would it feel like such a bad thing if you were reading business and technology news all day? Or health and well-being articles? Don't let the term 'social media' fool you. These outlets are not for socializing––save that for phone calls, text messages, and girls night––use these avenues to build up your brain and your personal brand. Use them to gain quick access to knowledge and to make money. Use them for self care tips and nutritional advice. Use them to better yourself! That's what I do and it works wonders for me. Give it a try!


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