How An Old fashioned Phone Book Can Help You Move Forward

Just In Case:

If you're like me, the contact list in your phone is filled with important people, some of which you don't talk to very often but you keep their numbers, just in case. Sometimes, this theory applies to exes and men you've been friendly with in the past. Some of them, you deleted a long time ago, while others remain in your contact list because they are more than exes––they're good people to know.

Still, when you have moved on from these personal relationships, it's a good idea to delete these numbers from your phone. But what if you need them one day? What if a business opportunity arises? What if you need a legitimate favor? 

The Old-Fashioned Black Book:

To reduce the chances of a misdial, or even a drunk text, as you are continuing to move on from the past relationships, it's time to take these numbers out of your phone. But, for those just in case moments, it's a good idea to save the information of anyone who may be influential or necessary in the near future. Enter the old-fashioned black book.

This spring, I am cleaning out my phone, removing the phone numbers of people I don't need personally, but may be intricate professionally, whether for me or other colleagues, while lessening my chance of an emotional slip up.

So, one-by-one, I have written their names (in pencil) in my little black book, then deleted them from my phone. When finished, I placed the little black book in a small, locked safe, which was then placed in a larger locked safe.

I'm so serious about this.

You may not have a safe at home, so place this little black book somewhere inconvenient so that you have time to think, and think twice, before digging for it when you've had too much to drink or come across old photographs.

Here's to better digital health and no more inappropriate drunk dials!

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