Upgrade Your Window Dressings


This month, I turned my focus to completing the decoration process at G3HQ, and even though there is still a little more work to do (like these bookshelves from CB2), I got quite a bit done in a short amount of time. One of the items I couldn’t wait to change in the condo was our living room window dressings. Well, technically, they are a pair of sliding glass doors that dressed in those disgusting plastic blinds that most basic apartment and condo comes with.


Plastic blinds are gross. Not only do they look ugly, but they gather years and years of dust and oil, and are never cleaned –– nor can they be. The fact that it took me a year and a half to replace them, is a testament to my other priorities, including our finding and moving into our new place. But now that we’re all settled in there, I can pay more attention to my HQ space!


If you have those icky plastic blinds, take them down. If you’re renting, your apartment property may not hold on to them for you, so you’ll have to store them yourself, either in a storage closet/unit or under your bed. Either way, take those ugly, nasty strips of plastic down!

My favorite Curtain Rods

Once you’ve taken down your old window coverings, whatever they were, check out these non-telescoping curtain rods from Art Decor. Each rod is a solid piece of steel, treated in a variety of finishes. For G3HQ, I chose two of these for the living area, and this one for one of the bedrooms. However, if metal isn’t what you’re looking for, try a wooden set from Allen & Roth.

Skip those cheap telescoping rods you’d usually pick up from Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’re ugly and impractical, as they tend to sag and the seam makes it difficult to slide your curtains without catching a snag. Those things drive me crazy! Windows and doors are all pretty much standard, as are most furniture measurements. Therefore, non-telescoping rods are sold in measurements between 2 and 10 feet, even numbers only. The average sliding glass door is 7-feet wide, and calls for an 8-foot rod, for instance.

Oh, and because they’re non-telescoping, be sure to order these rods to be delivered straight to your home, unless you have a car or truck big enough to transport an 8-foot box!

My Favorite Curtains

After ordering the rods from Home Depot, I took the short ride to IKEA to pick up 2 pairs of gray, blackout curtains. These go perfectly with HQ’s decor, and do a great job of blocking out the very hot spring and summer sun that baked the place last year, when he still had blinds. Except for when I’m purchasing curtains for a custom window or door, I always go to IKEA.

Most stores sell 6-foot curtains, which are entirely too short. As a basic decor rule, you want to place your curtain no more than a foot from your ceiling, regardless of the height of your window or door. This gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it is! And that’s why I love IKEA –– their prices are more than reasonable, and their shortest curtain is 8-feet, perfect for a 9-foot ceiling! And with their reasonable pricing, it’s more fun to buy different curtains for different times of the year.

Adversely, if you have irregular measurements, have your drapes professionally made at a place like Calico Corners.

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