Trend Alert: Gold is Back!

Gold is back on trend, and it's back with caution! Gold finishes were a major hit in the 80s and 90s.  When I think of gold finishes, maybe four years ago, it took me back to Home Alone: Lost in New York.  You know, the scene when he was in the Crowne Plaza, in that very dated bathroom, they even had carpet in there!

For years, chrome gave us that simplicity and constraint, now we're moving on to pure luxury, gold.  Chrome lacks that "rich and regal" look and feel.  Gold is back and it has come with a vengeance.  Not only do you the option of chrome, nickel, or brushed nickel, gold is another option along with its different finishes, brushed gold and patina.


4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Gold Finishes

  • Don't shop gold for every item in your home.  A good thing can go bad quick.  Gold embodies luxury and richness, make it exclusive in your home.
  • Your plumbing fixtures, lighting, and accessories are great to consider when going gold.
  • You'd want to spend a little extra money to be sure it's something that will last, and the quality is top notch.
  • The space you use the gold has to have a luxurious feel.  Gold has a richness to it by default, and so should the space you will be using it in.

My Inspiration:

I am inspired me by the return of gold because I'm currently working on a project that features lots of gold!  My client has a beautiful home built in the early 1900s, it's been updated, but the bathrooms are in need of a more up to date update.  I decided to go with a luxurious and regal design style for the master suite bathroom with royal blue, marble, gold fixtures, lighting, and accessories.  I added the concept to this blog so you can get an idea of where I'm going with her design.

If you are thinking about designing your space with gold and need some pro advice, feel free to reach me from my website.  Adding gold to your decor is worth it, but can be tricky when choosing the right products to achieve the look effectively.  I can't say how long the trend will be around, but it's back for a second time, and I think if it's achieved the right way, it will be around for a while.  Gold is Richie approved!


Interior design isn't all about beautiful finishes, and paints, it's an experience.  It's the fact that someone trusted me enough to allow me into one of the most intimate parts of their lives, their home.