The Statement Wall

The Statement Wall

Interior Design is about customization, that's what makes it so exclusive. 

Hey Girls!  I wanted to chat about accent walls or statement walls, as I refer to them.  I get emails from people all the time on things such as paint, how to choose flooring, and recently I had someone ask about statement walls.

Last Wednesday, I took a trip to New York City.  I was in the city taking care of some business, and not only that, I stopped by one of my most liked hotel chains, the sophisticated W Hotel.  While there, I went to the lobby area which was a few floors up, and engaged myself into the tantalizing decor. 

Statement Walls:

You can have a lot of fun with accent walls.  You can do a solid color, stripes, exposed brick/stone wall, a chalkboard, a wall full of framed pictures, or you can get creative and have a pro artist come in actually create you a wall of art.

Here is a candid shot of the beautiful wall art that was featured at the W Hotel in Times Square.

The whole purpose of an accent wall is not only just the decor side of things, but it becomes the focal point in the entire room.  It is where our eyes will naturally move to.  Whether you have a room and trying to elongate it, or make a small room appear larger.  It all goes back to color and science on using those factors to enhance a space.

What Not to Do:

When you are designing a space with an accent wall, let the wall be the focal point.  You want your upholstery, and other furniture to be almost "mute", so the interest in the room can be the wall design.

Here are some statement wall examples that I love!

If you need help with statement walls, give me a shout!  It's one of my favorite things to do for interiors when my client wants something different, and just need a small dose of change.  I hope this has inspired you for your next design project!

Always remember, design is attainable to every lifestyle and every budget.

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