The Art of Slaying a Black Wall

Hi there Gorgeous Girls, we are back for another week!  I've been seeing a trend of black walls, and I'm all the way for it, but like I always say, there is a way for it to be achieved correctly and effectively.  It's October, and it's Halloween in a few weeks, so I thought in lieu of that this would be a perfect time to talk about the beauty, elegance, and the drama behind painting your walls black. 


The Volume That Black Walls Speak

Black walls are bold, they're dramatic, they're luxurious...I mean do I need to say anymore?  Black walls can add an intensity in your space, a certain energy.  I always tell my clients to start with black as your base, then add in color.  Black deserves its own category, so much so that you create around it.   

Below are some inspirational images I pulled for you that may inspire you to slay your walls black.  I do believe that you should understand the way colors work before adding such an intense shade, and understand your can either make your room feel closed in or it can make it feel really elegant and dramatic, and we want the latter! 



 Black on Black:


1.  Black on Black.  Mixing your blacks based on textures and finishes, literally to die for.  It all goes back to layering, remember from a previous post when I mentioned the layering effect, and there you have it.















Beige, Greige, and Black:


2.  Beige, Greige, and Black.  Slaying a wall in black, or painting a wall in black, same thing, when you have that natural light, it literally lights up the room.  I bet you didn't even realize the walls were black, you saw the black, but it didn't feel black, I get it.  It's an art to this stuff!   















Black, Textured, and Lit:


3.  Black, Textured, and Lit.  Black is timeless, black is luxury, and you can play with black in your powder room as the main color.  You can make it look as matte as leather, or super high gloss embossed crocodile.  I have a technique that works for me for details,















Black and Metals:


4.  Black and Metals.  Natural light, black, and your favorite metal.  Whether you're into gold or into silver, adding that texture on top of black walls exude luxury and elegance.   


My Black Paint Color Favorites (that also sounds glamorous, too!): 

  • Limousine Leather by Behr Marquis
  • Caviar by Sherwin Williams


If you're skeptical on using black, then start with an accent wall, and use that wall as your chef-d'œuvre (masterpiece) wall.  Like they say, once you go black you never go back.  Try something different.  Step out the box.  I feel like black walls are something people admire, but shy away to do it in their own home.  It can be done if executed properly.  If you think it's a job you may not be able to handle, you know how to reach me.






"Like Coco Chanel said, fashion is in the streets, the sky, our ideas, fashion exists everywhere.  Style is yours, it's something that's personal to you.  Style is something that you created.  That same style should exist in your interiors.  In your closet, in your powder room, your master suite, fashion fades, style is timeless, so start with your home."