Review: Syona Home, 100% Organic Luxury Sheets

Hey Gorgeous Girls!  Back in June I wrote a blog post on hotel quality bedding.  Just like in many other posts, I stress the importance of our surroundings, and how much of an impact they are.  Small changes in your decor can enhance your mood.  In this case, a small change and upgrade in your bedding can make for better sleep.  A few weeks ago, I received a gift of luxury organic bedding sheets from Syona Home.  I would like to share with you my full experience from start to finish, and whether they're Richie Approved or not.


My Initial Experience

I was sent a gift of Corda Classic Sheets in bright white and simple taupe from Syona Home, and was in contact with Sukanta Nanda, CEO of Syona Home.  My shipping was fast, and I was able to track its progress.  If you're like me, you constantly refresh the tab with the tracking information every few hours looking for an update.  One thing that I appreciated the most was the customer service.  Despite the bedding being a gift, Sukanta was very responsive, and I felt confident in what I was getting ready to receive.  







Packaging is really important to me.  I can't explain enough how much of the experience something so simple as packaging can give.  The sheets were shipped in a regular brown shipping box, once I opened it, I saw the packaging, and I was not expecting that!  The bedding came packaged in a sturdy white box finished with a ribbon and Syona Home's company logo.  I then opened the box, and the sheets were neatly folded into a dust bag.  I like this because I can store the sheets in the bag when not in use, and keep the original packaging boxed that housed the product for storage of other things.  I love when companies put thought into their packaging.  It's a luxury item, and I always expect companies to go the extra mile.


The Linens

Once I took the sheets out of the dust bag, I immediately noticed the quality.  They seemed very sturdy, soft, and really durable.  Of course, I put them to the test and washed the sheets in my usual detergent and fabric softener...they came out beautiful.  I actually did not follow the care instructions recommended.  I'm a rule breaker, so I did my own thing and they came out fine.  Because I have sensitive skin, I like to wash anything that comes in contact with it.  The sheets were not thin, you couldn't see through them, and this told me that the sheets were designed using quality materials.


100% Organic Sheets

I have never used organic sheets, nor have I ever thought to use them.  I may have proven myself otherwise.  The sheets were extremely soft, they were a true white, and I felt a little more at ease knowing the sheets were not made with harmful chemicals.  I was luxuriating myself on quality and pure luxury sheets, and it felt good!

I appreciate what Syona Home stands by and supports.  Being that their sheets are 100% organic it really shows that they care about the environment in which we live.  They give back to children's education, their linens are made in a sweat-shop free manufacturing, and make contributions to women's healthcare. 


The Better Sleep Promise

Was my sleep better?  Yes.  I work from home, and each and every day I felt recharged enough to take on my daily tasks, and I felt rejuvenated.  I'm not sure if it's the white sheets, or the softness, but the better sleep promise is true, and I cannot agree more.  Your bedding does have a strong impact on how well you sleep and the rest you gain from it.


My Thoughts

  • I slept a lot better, the sheets were really that soft
  • My room felt better, I actually looked forward to going to sleep
  • The fact that the sheets were 100% organic and made in sweat free labor is amazing
  • The packaging was beautiful, and protected during transit and when it arrived to me

Syona Home is Richie Approved! If you would like to get information on Syona Home, you can visit their website.  They also have swatches, which is perfect because shopping online for sheets can be difficult not knowing what you will receive.   

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