Storing Incense Sticks in Chopstick Holders

Here’s a quick tip…

I like to keep sticks of incense in my bathroom.

I’m sure you could imaging why.

There are incense holders out there that you can purchase and many of them are amazingly decorated and would be a welcomed addition to any decor.

But, I found another way to keep my incense sticks together and nestled safely in the sterling silver planter next to the commode, where I also keep my bathmats.

But before I go into that, here is a tip inside a tip:

I hate having bathmats lying on the floor all day. I hate the thought of them lying there, wet, and guests walking all over them when they visit the facilities. So, I opted for the hotel-style towel mats. They dry quickly and, when they do, I roll them up and stick them into my silver planter, with a magazine for structure, height, and reading. At that point, the mats serve as decoration.

Anyway, back to the incense…

I used the paper wrapping in which the wooden chopsticks from my local sushi house came! Naturally, I keep a lighter and a holder for the incense to be lit and burned. These little chopstick wrappings are super cute and work well with my decor –– and they cost $0.


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