Space-Saving Bookcases

It’s been 20 months since we first moved into what is now G3HQ. It’s the condo where my 21-year-old son lives, where I sleep when my husband is out of town (I don’t like being alone in our place), and from where I run The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide. And even though we have been here for nearly 2 years, I’m still decorating –– taking my time in finding the perfect pieces from here and there. This month, it was all about buying the perfect bookshelves.


Finding, Buying, and delivering the Bookcases:

I’d been stalking the Tesso bookshelf at CB2 for a couple months. For HQ’s decor, I needed something chrome with glass shelves that would complement my glass desk and whiteboard in the office nook where I work and film webinars. I searched the internet for a better space-saving design and price, but nothing I found beat the Tesso’s sleek design and $299 price tag. So, I went down to my local CB2, opened a line of credit with the store, and bought 2 bookcases (and other things) with 6 months, 0% interest special financing. A few days later, the bookcases were delivered, with each frame in one piece and one box, and the glass shelves in two separate boxes. A couple weeks later (after returning from our retreat), I had them professionally installed.


Installing the Bookcases:

I don’t recommend installing these units on your own. You should hire a handyman or get help from a friend or family member who know a thing or two about drywall, studs, construction, and hanging things. we ran into some unexpected obstacles during installation, which is not rare when hanging or attaching heavy objects to a wall. But, after several hours and a couple trips to the hardware store, the cases were up! Lastly, I polished the frame and added the shelves before adding books and bookends.

Decorating the Bookcases:

For now, I decided to separate my books by the color of their spine, and group like-colors together. I didn’t want to add too many books, so I utilized just a few per shelf. I placed alternated stacks of books on the right, left, and center of the shelves, and placed a couple chrome elephant bookends. I added a chrome planter, which will soon have silk flowers in it, and will also place picture frames and vases on a few shelves. I’m sure I’ll move things about here and there, but that’s what makes bookshelves so fun –– lots of decor possibilities!

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