Shopping for Your Home

Last week, I was out running errands and closing out a few design projects.  While at one of my shopping centers, I went inside Restoration Hardware to take a look around to see if they had prepped the showroom with their FW 2017 collection, and of course to catch those end of season sales.  This is what inspired me to write my new blog post...keep on reading, Girls.

In my previous posts, I share the importance of interior design and decor.  A persons surroundings can strongly change the way they live, his/her mood, the way they interact with people, and simply be able to execute and bring to life the look you want for your home.  It's beyond pretty paints and high end furniture. 

I tell my clients, and now I'm telling you that home decor is like fashion, fashion for the home.  You'll want to spend more on classic pieces, and not those fads or trendy items that are here today and gone tomorrow.  You'd splurge on a good sofa, or a bed, but not on a mirror if it's not the staple piece in a room.  Mixing high end with low end items will never go out of style.  That's actually one of my pro design hacks to create the perfect space.  Below I give you a few of retailers I work with to bring my clients quality, whether it be high end or low end.


Restoration Hardware

Perfect for your contemporary or modern looks.  RH is a luxury marketplace for your homeware, custom designs, and furnishings.  This vendor is more on the very high end side, but quality is never sacrificed.  I highly recommend pulling some of your classic and timeless pieces from here that you plan to keep around for many years to come.  Shop Restoration Hardware


Home Goods

Who doesn't love Home Goods?  Home Goods has your "found at random" pieces and probably makes the number one spot when it comes to finding discounted decor for under retail value.  You can even find some good furniture here too, hit or miss.  Check for your local store


Z Gallerie

I guess this is everyone's favorite store for the glitz and glam.  I have to agree.  Z Gallerie is always having a great sale on products.  They're very high end, but it always goes back to quality.  Their chesterfields are beautiful and some feature customization. Who doesn't love exclusiveness?  Shop Z Gallerie



Need I say more?  Wayfair is a collective of vendors of high end and low end.  They have everything for your decor and even for your remodel projects.  I used Wayfair for a home flip project I designed for earlier in the year, and it was a success.  The customer service is top notch, the shipping is fast, and free.  Shop Wayfair


Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture has some amazing pieces.  I enjoy shopping here for clients because they have very on trend pieces that are affordable opposed to going to your local luxury home furnishings store.  I was there the other day and saw a beautiful velvet sectional, it had that grey glam factor my current clients are so into.  Shop Value City Furniture


These are some out of the many retailers and vendors I work with to create a beautiful home for my clients.  Always remember, you don't have to purchase from luxury home furnishing stores or have a high price tag on your pieces for it all to come together well.  Mixing high end and lower end is the key.  It's all about pairing items well, making that $200 vintage find look like it's $200,000.  A price tag or the name of a store doesn't mean anything in interior's all about execution, quality, and style.  If you ever need design help for your home, feel free to reach out to my company, Richie Madison Interiors.


Good style, is a good life.