Refresh Your Bedding

This bed is one of my self care stations. Currently housed at G3HQ, it is where I sleep on nights when there is too much work to do to go home, and where I spend most of my time, most days. Personally, I like to lounge while working, so that it rarely feels like work. On any given weekday, you’ll find me here –– laptop in lap, body propped by pillows, snacks and drinks nearby –– getting lots of work done while catching up on my favorite shows.

So, as you can imagine, this bed in particular is oftentimes the center of my peace.

During the month of April, as we celebrate our 9th Annual Makeover Month (started when The G3 had another name), and focus on our Letting Peace Find You practice, we are reminded to create sanctuaries in our homes and workspaces. For me, G3HQ serves as both! So, refreshing the bedding here was one of my top priorities this month, as soon as spring had sprung.

Here’s What I Got and How to Put It Together

The bed already has a memory foam topper and a mattress protector. The new sheets go on first (fitted and flat), followed by the coverlet, and then, the duvet with the new duvet cover. The 4 new down pillows are stuffed into 2 pillow protectors, and then, into the blue and white duvet shams. The coverlet shams are stuffed will pillows we already had, which are used to protect the headboard from oils from our heads. The bed is tucked nice and need, with hospital/military corners. This quick refresh didn’t cost much, and really changed the mood of the room!

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