Part II: The Art of Slaying A White Wall

Morning gorgeous girls, and guys!  I received a lot of good feedback on my previous blog post, on slaying a black wall and some of you are already slaying it.  Because of that, you know I had to come back with a part 2 on how to slay a white wall...just like a black wall, there's an art to a white wall.

The Art of A White Wall

White walls are clean, they exude personality, and just as black walls they're just as luxurious and elegant.  The beautiful thing about white walls is that you can create an ambiance that you want, unlike with black.  Black walls by default give you that natural noir luxury, but with white you can customize your design palette to create the look you want.  You can add abstract artwork that's colorful, add your metals, and furnishings, and really build the look you want with energy and personal style.  The energy can be high level in a space with white walls, or it can be very slowed down and focusing on the elegance.  Yes people, there's a lot of science and art behind decorating a home.  Whether you have walls that have beautiful architecture with moldings or not, white can work for you.  Keep reading...

White Walls and Parquet:















1.  White Walls and Parquet. White walls with beautiful moldings and architecture, you can't go wrong.  This allows your space to feel more open, it brightens things add, all while exuding elegance.  With white walls I like to opt for a bold flooring.  I prefer hardwood or concrete floors.  If I go with hardwood, it would have to be really original flooring that still has it's cracks and creaks with a good staining, or a high gloss hardwood in navy, black, or grey.

The All White State of the Art Kitchen:

2.  The All White State of the Art Kitchen.  Going white in a kitchen isn't bad, in fact it may enhance your cooking skills or at least make you feel like you're on set of one of those renown cooking shows.  I'm all the way for it!  What matters is the quality of the cabinetry.  You want to spend money on a white kitchen to make sure you get something that won't stain the minute sauce spills on it. 

Self Expression:

3. Self Expression.  Let's say you're leasing a home and can't paint...this one is for you!  Use artwork.  The white shown here is not a crisp white, and more of an off white/greyish white, which is pretty typical in an apartment or rental home.  I bet your guest won't even realize your walls are white because the artwork is so bold, and you've incorporated color to overpower the simple white walls.  It's all about taking the focus off something not so flattering while using certain design elements to do that...think of fashion and how it relates.

Golds, Silvers, and Textures:

4.  Golds, Silvers, and Textures.  With white walls you can play around with metals.  You can make it vintage, modern, or very glam.  I love the versatility of white walls.  Go ahead and add a faux fur throw or a simple bench like shown in the image.  Do as little or do as much.  The "do as little or do as much" technique works best for those high ceiling walls with custom moldings.

My Favorite White Paints

  • Ultra Pure White by Behr
  • Decorators White by Benjamin Moore
  • Super White by Benjamin Moore








I hope this post inspires some of you.  I get clients that are leasing a property, but want that put together look, and make the space feel like home without making any drastic changes.  I find that using white doesn't have to be "flat" or boring.  Use artwork to add character, and good natural lighting to bounce off the walls.  It's definitely a safe way to go when changing up your decor.  If you do decide to go crisp white, make sure you tag me on Instagram so I can see what you've come up with.  If you need help along the way, you can always reach me through my company website, Richie Madison Interiors.

Richie Madison Interiors, xo


We spend a lot of time in our homes from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.  You deserve a beautiful interior.