Organize Your Closet with Help From IKEA

When it comes to organizing, simplifying, storing, and space-saving, IKEA is king. And for most of us, the first place in our homes that we desperately need to organize is our closets, especially if we're sharing them with our significant others. One of the biggest issues are shoes –– so many shoes, so little space. And what about sweaters and scarves, belts, gloves, and handbags? A quick trip or online order from IKEA can help anyone organize their closet on a budget and with style. Here are a few of my favorite organizational helpers...


SKUBB Shoe Boxes: $7.99 per 4-Pack

I have had these shoe boxes for about 7 years and I absolutely love them. They give the closet a uniformed look, versus having mismatched shoe boxes all about the closet. These SKUBB boxes help keep shoes protected from the elements. The mesh front panel secures with tough velcro, and the built-in handle is perfect for grabbing a change of shoes to keep in your car for your after-work plans. There is a zipper in the back of each SKUBB, which allows for easy collapsing and storage when you're not using all of your boxes.

KOMPLEMENT Shelves (for SKUBB boxes): $10


The best way to store your SKUBB shoe boxes within a closet is on wall shelves. This will allow you to store them as high as the ceiling, all the way down to the floor, without taking up any floor space. KOMPLEMENT shelves are the perfect depth for your SKUBB boxes (13 ¾"). They are meant as interior shelves for a PAX system, which you can also purchase for your closet, if you have the wall space. If not, these shelves can stand alone with wall brackets.

SKUBB Hanging Storage: $6.99

Hanging storage is a godsend for any closet. The SKUBB series has choices that will go well with your shoe boxes, but sometimes, IKEA has more stylish ones. If you are near an IKEA, or know someone who is, it might be worth a trip down to the store to see if there are other choices. Also, check Amazon and eBay for stores selling IKEA products. The hanging storage I bought 7 years ago is covered in a black and white, floral cloth finish, and included 3 compartments and 3 drawers, plus side pockets. I still have them and I love them! These SKUBB units are made to work with this SKUBB box for added compartmentalization.

It's only been 6 days since my big move, and I am not altogether finishes with my walk-in closet, nut I will be very, very soon. All that's left to deal with is shelving for my SKUBB shoe boxes. Once I have completed my personal closet, I can discuss what I did and how I did it. Stay tuned! This Q4 Clean Up is just getting started!

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