Organize with Ziploc Space Bags

It's officially fall, and with a change in weather, comes a change in clothing, linens, and decor. Now, as we encroach upon our 8th Annual Fourth Quarter Clean-Up (Q4CU), which begins October 1st and ends January 1st, I am preparing for a lot of changes and lots-and-lots of organization! So, my first purchase of the new season was these Ziploc Space Bags that I picked up at Target for about $13, each.


Pictured here isn an extra large Space Bag, filled with a king-size comforter. After using a vacuum cleaner hose to extract the air from the bag, the comforter is left safe from the elements and shrunken to a space-saving size, that allows me to store in under the bed or in the closet without worry or strain.

With cooler air and shorter days moving in, now would be a good time to seal up your spring and summer bedding, curtains, throw pillows, and clothes, putting them away until next year. These bags also work wonders when traveling and moving, as they come in a multitude of sizes. Grab a few boxes for around the house during this year's Q4 Clean Up. try grabbing them online from websites like Amazon and eBay, where you might find them cheaper.


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