From NYFW to Your Home

From NYFW to Your Home

Hey Gorgeous Girls, as some of you may know, NYFW (New York Fashion Week) just ended last week.  For all fashion mavens, NYFW is the time to be in New York City, twice a year for SS and FW, watching the latest in fashion walk the runway at venues sweeping through the city.  Fashion Week is created by the "gods" of fashion telling you what's on trend for the season, what's out, and what today's icon is wearing.  I was once amongst the many into the scene, wardrobe styling backstage, designing pieces to walk the runway, name it, I've done it.  Our fashion icons shape what's new and on trend, and the same fashions you see on the runway, can walk right into your home.  Home decor is heavily inspired by fashion.  Keep on reading!


From the Runway to Your Living Room: 

To get into some of the NYFW shows, you have to have special invitations or you can simply tune in online.  This year I tuned in online from the comfort of my home so I can know what's hot this season for fashion which then, of course, translates into home decor.  Metallics, florals, faux fur, are a few trends that are recurring, but also apart of the trends this season.  Below I give you some looks from the runway that can strut right into your home.

  • Metallics:  Metallic Foil Pillow Cover.  $44, West Elm
  • Florals:  Eternal Palmette Medallion.  Starting at $312, Rugs USA
  • Faux Fur:  Luxury Throw.  $314, The Shop by Richie Madison
  • Black:  Tom Ford Book.  $98, Barnes & Nobles


Fashion for the Home: 

               The Shop by Richie Madison. 

              The Shop by Richie Madison. 

Aside from what's on trend, your personal style will never go out of style.  Remember, you can be inspired, but can turn it into your own.  I tell my clients that what you like is always en vogue, it's just a matter of bringing it current, and taking things to the next level.  When I'm decorating a space, I always look at it as me dressing a model for some designers runway show.  The room is the model, the decor and furnishings are the garments, and the client is my audience.  Though design is very personal, every detail matters from the color to the fabric, the lighting or the highlight on a models face to bring out the full's all the same.


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The way you keep your home is a reflection of you, so make it a great reflection, visually.

Welcome to my world!  I'm Tiara.  Serial Entrepreneur, Interior Decorator, Home Decor Editor for The Gorgeous Girls Guide, and founder of Richie Madison Interiors, a virtual interior decorating studio specializing in residential design.

The original goal for Richie Madison Interiors was to offer an affordable luxury in new age interior design that's convenient, and simple.  I believe good design can be attainable to everyone at any budget.  My goal remains the same but now has more depth.  A well designed home affects your mood, it changes the way you interact with people, the way we think, it exudes confidence, and your personal style.  I want to create an experience for you, a timeless one.  

One of the most intimate things in your life is your home, and I thank you for allowing me to have a part in that.  

I look forward to sharing some of my design and decor tips, and really working with each of you to create the perfect space, virtually.