My Weekend at Arhaus Furniture!

Arhaus is known for their artisan crafted furniture.  They design their products in house, use natural products for most of their designs, use 100% organic cottons, and the pieces are of great quality.

This past weekend I went to a few of my favorite high end home furnishing stores.  I run my online interior design company, Richie Madison Interiors, virtually, but I do go into the stores a lot for some local clients, special ordering, personal shopping, for my home, networking, and just to really get a feel for what's out there.  My goal is to provide my clients with quality product at more affordable prices, and be able to pull those pieces with under retail pricing as an Interior Decorator.  My visit to Arhaus Furniture was a major win!

I went to the Annapolis, MD location and checked out some of the newly released furniture and accent pieces for the season.  Let me just say, I am very pleased with the designs and what the company stands for in their whole production process.  Personally, I've never shopped at Arhaus for clients, but I have every reason to now.

Arhaus is now one of the list of home decor and furnishing companies I work with to get you all some amazingly wonderful discounts on furniture, accent pieces, bedding, lighting, and a lot more!  They're actually having a sale right now, $100 off every $400 you spend, I think that's amazing, plus my client discounts!!  TOTAL WIN!

Here are few shots I took while lounging around in the store to learn about their pieces.

The furniture I can tell was built well, and had that hard wood quality feel.  The leather was of great quality too.  Some furniture is just not built like it was back then, but Arhaus may have proved me otherwise.

They have a little something for everyone.  Arhaus Furniture is officially Richie Madison approved, and I suggest checking them out.  If you find something you're interested in, let me know and I can pull it for you under retail pricing.  If you do already own Arhaus furniture, share with me your whole shopping experience, and about your pieces.  You can find me at @richiemadisoninteriors on Instagram.  I can't wait to hear from you Gorgeous Girls!


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