Model Home vs Your Home

As a Designer, I work with residential properties and I get to work with some amazing people.  Those same amazing people allow me into their home, which is the most intimate thing to them.  I'm also that force in between to make things happen and tell clients when something just can't totally using a staged homes' decor layout to design their home.

I get clients all the time to show me photos they've taken of the interior of a model home.  I then have to break it to them that, a model home is exactly that, a model.  The perk with checking out new construction properties is that you get to see the home in action, and us designers and decorators created a fancy name for it called, staging.  Home Staging is when a home is set up and designed to sell.  It gives the space life, almost as if you were living there. 

Like I mentioned above, a model home is designed to sell and to show use of the space.  There is a thick line between your lifestyle and a professionally staged model home.  Yes, model homes can be decorated beautifully, but does it fit your lifestyle and budget?  When I design for clients I design for them, not a copy out of a magazine or that model home they desperately love. 

Your home should cater to your needs, after all, you're paying the mortgage on it, it needs to work for you! 


Richie Madison Interiors offers complimentary design consultations for potential clients...virtually!  I would love to help you, and really get things moving that are fit for you and your family.  Take advantage of the consultation, and work with me to help you reach your design goals!

Invest in what matters most, and that's you.