Meet Patty and Petty Pothos


If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the story of Petty Pothos, which is a new name for an old plant I bought over 5 years ago. If you don’t know the story, here’s the abbreviated version:

In the summer of 2017, we moved out of our place, and instead of hopping right into another, decided to put all our stuff in storage (after selling most of it) and rent vacation homes for the entire summer. I gave my beloved 5-year-old Pothos to my girlfriend for safekeeping that June. In October, after we'd settled into our new place, I went back to retrieve my Pothos (now named Bertha), only to be convinced to leave her at my girlfriend’s place. She was in the midst of a divorce, and had just moved back into her bachelorette pad with 2 small children, and she said the greenery really brightened up the place.


So, I left Bertha there and visited her several times a week, until I eventually ended that one-sided friendship. I was always giving and never getting, and that plant was just one example of many. So, before walking out of her life, I went by her place and snipped the last foot of foliage from Bertha and propagated her at home. Here’s an example of how I did it:

Anyway, when Baby Bertha’s roots were long enough, I took her out of water and planted her in soil. Now, she’s growing bigger and fuller by the day, but she’s still a baby. So, when I saw a big, beautiful Pothos at a local pottery and gardening shop for only $20, I snagged her, brought her home, and named her Patty. Then, when I put Patty Pothos next to the baby, Berta became Petty Pothos –– she looks so little and sad next to Patty, but also, I hope Patty inspires her to grow and grow and grow.

Sidebar: Fernisha died.

If you’re not that great at planting, pick up a Pothos. They live in water or soil, don’t need tons of light, and are very hard to kill. Plus, propagating is easy!

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