Making Space When You Just Don't Have It

Making Space When You Just Don't Have It

When looking for homes to rent or buy, the amount of space is one of the things we look at.  Just like how a kitchen and bathrooms hold value in a home, space does too.


If you are currently in a home where space is just not enough, could it really be not enough?  I want to share you with some ways on how to create space, that you may think you don't have, and within budget! 


A Fresh Coat of Paint:

Some colors make a room appear small, some make a room appear more open.  You also have the option to create accent walls to lengthen or add depth to a room.  There are different brands of paint that work great, and for a great price.  I have to say I'm a Behr girl for residential properties or personal use.  I've worked with some rental properties and home flips, and we used Glidden, very affordable and gets the job done!  Here is a great reference on choosing colors for smaller rooms.

Mirrors Reflect:

Let's say you don't want to paint or you already have, and just need a quick fix, adding mirrors naturally reflects light, and makes the space appear larger.  It's a well known trick, and very affordable.  The best mirrors for this design hack is leaner style mirrors, then hang them on the wall.  Wall placement is important.  Hang according to wall size.  I use a stud finder so I can correctly place my Monkey Hooks...nothing is worse than mistake holes that are visible showing every screw up...we've all been there!

Artwork for Height:

I love adding artwork to a space, it adds so much character.  Hanging artwork adds height and interest to a room.  It can really take the focal off of the size of a room, and naturally shift the eyes to the artwork, as well as the light that hits the mirrors.  Good artwork makes for a great background for Instagram selfie's too.

Good Lighting:

This is the most overlooked design hack, good lighting.  Excellent lighting can really emphasize all of the details and love you put into decorating your space.  A lot of people are opting for recessed lighting.  Whichever lighting you choose, make it a good choice.

Make Use of Storage:

The use of storage is very important.  In small spaces you want to minimize clutter.  You want to free up space.  Ikea has amazing storage systems, book shelves and drawers. 

Creating Balance:

Finally, balance.  You don't want to have a small room with too much furniture, large furniture or anything that can overwhelm the room.  Not every wall should be filled with furniture nor should every piece of furniture be the same height.  Adding artwork above a sofa can really heighten the room, even a bookshelf can add height.  


I want you to know interior design or home decor is not something that is unattainable.  No matter the budget you set, your personal style, your lifestyle, decor and design is apart of each of our lives.  It is something that we change throughout our life stages.  My goal is to give you my personal design hacks, and for you to create a space that you love and is functional for you.  Design is life, and it has to be accommodating to our lifestyles. 

Meet me here next Wednesday at this same time, and I will go more into detail on how design is part of all of our lives.

To design the life we want, we have to simply pick up the pencil and start sketching.

Welcome to my world!  I'm Tiara.  Serial Entrepreneur, Interior Decorator, Home Decor Editor for The Gorgeous Girls Guide, and founder of Richie Madison Interiors, a virtual interior decorating studio specializing in residential design.

The original goal for Richie Madison Interiors was to offer an affordable luxury in new age interior design that's convenient, and simple.  I believe good design can be attainable to everyone at any budget.  My goal remains the same but now has more depth.  A well designed home affects your mood, it changes the way you interact with people, the way we think, it exudes confidence, and your personal style.  I want to create an experience for you, a timeless one.  

One of the most intimate things in your life is your home, and I thank you for allowing me to have a part in that.  

I look forward to sharing some of my design and decor tips, and really working with each of you to create the perfect space, virtually.