Our Simple Moving Check-List

This year, just in time for my 8th Annual Fourth Quarter Clean-Up (Q4CU), I decided to pack up and move! Well, actually, I'd been planning to move for over a year, and started the process earlier this summer, just on time for a fall move-in date. Moving can be very stressful, or it can be organized and swift. My moves tend to be a lot less stressful than thud of other people, and I actually enjoy the process! When I say that, others then to look at me strangely, but I think I enjoy the process because I'm great at planning, organizing, and executing –– and this is what it takes to make a move as painless as possible –– that, and keeping it simple.


The Master Moving List:

  • Download Wunderlist, which is available on:

    • iPhone

    • iPad

    • Mac OS X

    • Apple Watch

    • Android Phone

    • Android Tablet

    • Windows Phone

    • Chrome Book

    • Kindle Fire

    • Web

The Purge:

  • Toss or donate any and everything you have not used in a maximum of 2 years

    • Make an exception for top-tier clothing and accessories and bonafide collectibles

  • Toss or donate old CDs, DVDs, books, and other relics from the turn of the century

    • Make an exception for books you are currently reading

  • Toss useless paper relics like old bills, court documents, contracts, and other files

    • For the most important papers, scan and save them electronically in several locations

  • Toss, donate, or sell furniture you cannot or don't want to take with you

  • This would be a great time to take our 8-week Clear Course, which will help you toss out old objects and emotions just before the big move

The Organization:

  • Organize what's left by categories, such as:

    • Fall/winter clothes and shoes

    • Spring/summer clothes and shoes

    • Everyday dishes

    • Special occasion dishes

    • Work related books and materials

    • School related books and materials

    • Seasonal decorations and decor

The Supplies:

The Packing:

  • Start by packing up clothes and shoes that are out-of-season

  • Pack kitchenware you don't use everyday, leaving just one day's worth of dishes and utensils

    • Or, you can pack up all your dishes and utensils and use disposal replacements for now

  • Pack excessive toiletries you don't need to use every single day

    • Fill travel size containers and pack oversized items like bath gel and lotion

  • Pack everything you won't need between now and moving day

  • Be sure to pack a personal overnight bag or suitcase

The Movers:

  • Compare atleast 3 local moving companies

  • Check prices for 3 men at a 3 hour minimum if you are moving a 2 bedroom residence

  • Ask about drive-time fees

  • Ask if gratuity is added or required

  • Try your best not to move during a weekend when moves are busy and prices are high

The Utilities:

  • Schedule the move for all your utilities

    • Home phone

    • Alarm system

    • Cable or satellite televison

      • For satellite, people moving into multi-dwelling units (MDUs) should check ahead to see if your landlord accepts satellite dishes, and if so, if they are on the roof (preferred) or on each individual balcony (yuck).

    • Gas

    • Water

      • Some MDUs are billed for their water usage by a third party, not the local water and power company. Therefore, you will be billed by this third party. Be sure to ask.

    • Electricity

The Mail:

  • Forward your mail with the USPS

    • To avoid having to forward your mail when you move again in the future, opt for a post office box or a mailbox at the UPS store, or somewhere similar.

      • Be aware, many companies will NOT accept a PO Box for deliveries and other services. With the UPS Store and similar agencies, you get a street address than reads like an apartment number, therefore, you can use this address for anything.

The Photos:

  • Take photos of your empty old place before you leave, in case of any discrepancies with your landlord/agent

  • Take photos of the wiring configuration of your electronics (TV, stereo, etc) to remind you how to set things up i your new place

  • Take photos of your new place before you start moving things in, in case of any discrepancies with your landlord/agent

The Beds:

  • Day one in your new place, before you do anything else, set up and make up the beds.

Now that I am in my new place, there is lots to do! We are mostly unpacked after just 2 days, and I am looking forward to organizing the items we brought with us, and buying all new items. There will be lots to blog about over the next three months, as we prepare for the new year –– and especially with the holidays on their way!

I hope this short list has been helpful. There are millions of moving lists on the internet and all of them are different. What's important to remember is that each move and moving budget is unique, so make your own rules along the way. Still, the more your organize and plan, the better.

Good luck!




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