It's Officially Spring and Time to Plant


Now, I know some of you are still bundled up and facing winter temperatures, even though the calendar claims today is the very first day of spring. But, here is Los Angeles, it was rainy and cold one day, and then, warm and sunny the next! Now, tat’s not to say our weather will stay this way. We’ve got more rain on the way and temperatures will fall out of the 80s and into the 60s (which is cold for us). Still, I wanted to take advantage of the few sunny days we had, so I hightailed it to Home Depot and got myself a big ol’ bag of dirt!

Patty and Petty Pothos Found New Homes


The Pots

If you haven’t caught up on the story of Patty and Petty, catch up when you have a chance. So, since I brought Patty home a couple months ago, she’s been hanging out in her starter planter. She’s a super full, hella heavy Pothos, and I just couldn’t wait to find the perfect pot for her. But finding the right clay planter, with the right finish, in the right size and shape, and at the right price, is not easy. So, when I walked into Marshall’s and found exactly what I’d been looking for, I couldn’t pass it up. In fact, I found a large clay planter for $15 and a medium one for $12.


The Planting

The next day, I went to Home Depot for a bag of Miracle Grow potting soil and small pond stones. Over at G3HQ, we already had a bag of Diatomaceous Earth, tools, and gloves. So, I headed there to start planting! Here’s what I did:

  1. Put a layer of stones in the bottom of the planters, since neither came with drainage holes. This creates a reservoir for excess water, but since Pothos plants can live in water, as well as soil, it is virtually impossible to over water the species.

  2. Added soil to the planters, creating a pit in the center to place the plants, leaving room for the roots to grow on all sides.

  3. Remove plants from starter planters, squeezing the roots to remove excess soil, loosening the roots. Patty is older and was extra root bound. She needed to be cut fro her planter and loosing her roots proved to be too difficult and dangerous. So, we left them as-is.

  4. Place plants in new planters and fill the surrounding area with additional soil. Do not pack soil. Fill planter to the about an inch below the rim.

  5. Add Diatomaceous Earth and blend into the first couple inches of the soil.

  6. Top with more stones and water

And just like that, Patty and Petty have found new homes, just in time for the spring. They will live indoors for the most part, since they don’t like direct sunlight; it burns their leaves. Let’s hope they do better than our old (dead) friend, Fernisha.

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