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How to Make Your Bathroom a His-and-Hers Destination

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How to Make Your Bathroom a His-and-Hers Destination

The first rule of thumb to integrating a man into your life, whether he's aware of it or not, is to make room for him. 

Initially, the care you take to be sure he has a place of his own inside your home will come across as a series of conveniences. After a while, these conveniences will become rules and polite expectations.

One of the best places to implement these series of conveniences is the bathroom. This is the absolutely most intimate room in your home –– it's the place where the dirtiest things happen and the cleanest. The bathroom is the only room where being alone, behind a closed, locked door is permissible and not seen as a sign of aggression or despondence.

So, when he's in there, be sure he has everything he needs, that he won't have to poke his head out in the midst of his most intimate 'man-time' and ask for anything, especially something a bit personal, like moist wipes.

Here's a List of Must-Haves:

  • Extra toothbrush: make this toothbrush available to him in the bathroom, making sure it's a different color than yours and a masculine color, at that. You can never go wrong with good old fashioned blue.
  • Shaving cream: keep a canister of shaving cream available for the man who shaves. A travel sized can is enough, initially, so that you don't seem so eager and, again, be sure to buy a masculine brand.
  • Razors or trimmer: for the man who shaves or trims, keep a stash of disposable razors and/or a battery powered trimmer in the bathroom. I recommend asking what sort of razor he prefers before purchasing; men are very particular about the sorts of razors they use on their faces, with good reason. If all else fails, try the Gillette Mach 3.
  • Extra towels: keep a basket or shelf filled with rolled towels, nearby. Include towels of all sizes (bath, face, hand) and in colors that accent your decor. 
  • Shower gel: if you have some pretty pink shower gel that smells like lilacs, please get the man a shower gel of his own. Maybe one of those gels marketed to men or a simple gel appropriate for both of you.
  •  Deodorant: travel sized deodorant will come in handy after his shower. Naturally, he can always use yours, if it doesn't smell flowers, but its' always nice to be able to offer a man his own. Deodorant may not be one of those things he'd like to share.
  • Bathrobe and slippers: how wonderful would it feel for the man of your affections to hop out of the shower and slip into a bathrobe and a pair of slippers of his own?  If you want to take it a step further, grab yourself a matching robe and slippers and maybe have them monogrammed! 
  • Wipes: naturally, you want your man to be as clean as possible between showers and bathroom breaks. You should already have a container of wet wipes near the toilet. Be sure they are in plain view and easily accessible so your guy can take care of himself properly.

Ofcourse, you want to have all the regular accoutrements available in the bathroom for yourself and all your guests. You absolutely, positively have to keep this room spotless and perfect, at all times. No one feels good in a dirty bathroom.

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