How to Hem a Curtain Without a Sewing Machine

As a single girl with no sewing machine, you may think you are limited in your ability to hem stuff. I mean, you have though about hemming stuff, right?


Okay, well, just incase it comes up one day, here is an easy way to hem a curtain. In this instance, it's a kitchen curtain.

  1. Measure window from rod to desired length
  2. Measure curtain at that same length and add 4 inches
  3. Mark curtain with pencil
  4. Using that mark and a ruler, draw a horizontal line across curtain at desired length
  5. Cut along line
  6. Place hemming tape in position at cut and fold fabric over tape. 
  7. Pin folded fabric in place across width of fabric with hemming tape tucked inside
  8. Cut hemming tape to size
  9. Iron the fold, slowly, removing pins as you go
  10. Cut any loose threads

That's it!

When your explain to your guy that you took the time and have the know-how to hem a curtain, with or without a sewing machine, he will have flashbacks of the women who raised him or the women he wished raised him. There is something about a modern woman who embraces and practices traditional ways. There is a sense of comfort and safety a man gets from knowing he doesn't have to run back to his mother and grandmother or even to the cleaners when a button falls of his shirt. A man loves to know his woman can do it all!

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