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How to Celebrate Halloween with Him

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How to Celebrate Halloween with Him

The man you're seeing, or are hoping to be serious with one day, may or may not know what type of woman he's looking for. But, it's a pretty safe bet that a man who wants to settle down will want to do so with a woman who doesn't hate children.

I'm just spit balling here. 

Halloween is a great time to show the man you want just how much you love kids and it's a good time for the both of you to open up about your plans to be (or not to be) parents, one day. I suggest you have tons of candies available for bagging up and giving out, together. On this night, the two of you will come together to do something for the children.

And some more tips:

  • When he gets to the door, you want him to see the festive, fun-loving side of you without thinking your an overzealous weirdo. Choose your Halloween decorations carefully. Go for quality, not quantity.
  • Keep your front door decor fun and scary with the neighborhood kids in mind but still tasteful for your adult guest.
  • A festive door mat and a water feature running red (bloody) water with the usual witches and skulls will work at the front door but, save the pumpkin carving for the date.
  • Invite your guy over for a night of scary movies and Halloween themed dinner and dessert. You can visit our Recipe section for menu ideas as we get closer to the holiday. 
  • Inside your home, burn candles appropriate for the season and the holiday like pumpkin and spices.
  • Kitschy Halloween music might be cute right about now. Look for a seasonal CD or download for a little atmosphere.
  • Make sure you have cozy throws and comfy pillows for snuggling while watching the movie. 

Just because the theme of the night is fright, doesn't mean you have to be afraid to make it a romantic evening. 

Including the man in whom your interested lets him know that there is always a place for him, even on the most un assuming nights, like hallow's eve. He knows that you can find romance in any occasion and he will see you as a member of a community and a woman who cares about children -- all very attractive traits.

 For more decorating and lifestyle;e tips and ideas, download  Decor and the Single Girl !

For more decorating and lifestyle;e tips and ideas, download Decor and the Single Girl!

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