5 Steps to Designing Your Dining Room Tablescape

Hey Gorgeous Girls, we're in Fall, which means Winter will be here tomorrow, snow storms, and the holidays!  Even before the holidays, many of you will be hosting dinner parties at your home.  The main attraction for dinner parties is not just the food, but your table scape.  Your table scape is the way you style your dining room table.  It can be glam, to rustic, to fun and very holiday themed, you can do a lot with it, and it doesn't take a lot of money and time, just creativity.

Step 1: Your dining room design

Before you can create a state of the art table scape that are sure to bring memories, you must have a state of the art or state of the art-like dining room.  Basically, your dining room has to be on point and decorated well to pull this off.  If not, I suggest you take advantage of my design services that we offer here at Richie Madison Interiors.  We offer 3 affordable design packages, and this would be helpful if you're trying to take your dining room to the next level or just to make a few upgrades that can make a dramatic difference.

Step 2: Decide on a theme

This is the fun part.  You can decide on which style you'd like to go with based on the event, the holiday, or just to simply go well with your already decorated dining room.  For example, if your dining room features mirrored furniture, and beautiful tufted seating, I suggest going with a glam look.

Step 3: Choose your base

I consider your base to be your table runner.  I suggest going with a faux fur table runner.  I suggest going with a faux fur tble runner since we're now in the season to do so.  Our trade partner, Z Gallerie, has a beautiful faux fur runner that is lightweight, and the perfect little bit of texture to add to your table.  Remember, texture is just as important when decorating your table.  Our trade partner, Z Gallerie, has a beautiful faux fur table runner.  Corseca Runner, $49.95 in white.

Step 4: Decorate with your placemats, dinnerware, stemware, and table

Add your dinnerware, flatware, and stemware to your table.  It cant just be any kind though, it has to be something eye catching and fitting with your theme.  Add chargers to accent the dinnerware.  One thing that I want you to remember is when adding your decor, make sure everything has a variation of different heights.  You want to create dimension and not have everything at one height.

Step 5: The perfect table scape, complete!

Your next dinner party will be a bang!  Presentation is important, and what better way to achieve it in your dining room.  Also, having a well decorated table does not have to be only on special occasions.  Keeping your table decorated well is just beautiful to look at!  You can have your special occasion pieces, and your everyday look.




Take a pic, and tag me on Instagram, @RichieMadisonInteriors  I would love to see what you've came up with!


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