Grey Is the New Neutral?

The boring apartment neutral with the typical off white walls are no longer the norm.  People are getting moreinto greys, finally!  I like to think of greys as the new age in neutrals. I have to say, there is a trend going around and it's grey.  Grey walls, grey furniture, with some metallic decor pieces.  The question is am I here for it or not?  Keep on reading.


Changing your wall color from the ordinary off white to a grey adds a crisp feel.  It's a neutral, but it's a step up from what some may consider normal.  It creates a feeling of cleanliness, and it's a great base for your decor.  You can even add some detail.  Go ahead and check out Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint for a textured and high end look using greys out of their plethora of other colors.  I've personally used the RL's brand of specialty paints for several of my design projects as well as for my own personal use on furniture.  Using specialty paints of suede, patina, or even metallic helps add dimension in your space.


The typical oak hardwood is traditional, and it's timeless.  However, grey is new and on trend...a trend that won't be going anywhere no time soon until us designers say so.  Grey hardwood creates that medium, it's a cool color, and it can be your focal point in your home.  No matter if you go light or dark grey on the flooring, it can be bold, and you can opt for lighter grey walls or pure white to create balance. You can reach out to your local design center or Home Depot and get scheduled for a consultation.  If you have original hardwood that's in good shape, go ahead and stain it.  If hardwood is not in the budget go with vinyl, you can save money and create a similar look.


You have your typical oak, your cherry colored cabinets, white, black, but grey is here and it's here to stay.  Grey cabinetry adds a fresh take on today's kitchen.  If you go with a more modern look, you will probably find a kitchen with grey cabinetry and white subway tile.  I'm working on a home flip now for one of my clients, and I decided to go with a grey and white combo kitchen.  Once it's complete, I'll be sure to show you girls some pics!  Ikea has very affordable cabinets, check them out before going elsewhere to see if they have what you need.

There you have it, yes, I am SO here for grey!  I have to say that 90% of my clients all want to use grey in their decor, and I couldn't agree more!

If you need help on your next design project, reach out to my interior design company, Richie Madison Interiors.  If you have a grey decor theme already, tag me on Instagram so I can see it, and I'll repost it to my page to inspire others! 


Style is timeless, so should your decor.