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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall is upon us and there is plenty to do to change your home's decor to accommodate the changing weather.

Color Schemes:

Throughout your home, it's time to change your brightly colored accents to richer, darker hues. Here is a list of a few things you can change to accommodate the fall: 

  • In the kitchen: changing mats, dish towels, and pot holders are an easy way bring your kitchen up to seasonal code. Even a separate set of dishes and service ware  would be appropriate!
  • In the dining room: chair covers, cushions, placements, table cloths and centerpieces are a sure fired way to make your dining experience feel and look brand-new.
  • In the living room: chair or sofa covers,  decorative pillows, throws, area rugs, and the changing of  your decorative tablescape changes the look and feel of this room, exponentially. Provide more useable throws than usual and maybe even a few socks in a nearby basket for those chilly nights on the couch.
  • In the bedroom: sheets and coverlets are an easy fix. Add blankets and duvets to help keep you warm at night, plus, swap out your accent pillows and area rugs.
  • In the bathroom: shower curtains, towels, and mats can be changed to accommodate the season. Also, the addition of a heated towel rack wouldn't be such a bad idea.
  • All around the house: switch out your fresh cut flowers to those with darker, richer shades like reds and purples. If applicable, change the vases, too! As you are changing the accessories in each room, think about changing your curtains as well. This is an instant makeover for every space! Also, it's time to use your fireplaces! The warm glow of a fireplace and the warmth it creates serves more than one purpose for the single girl and the man she wants to build a life with.

It's good for a man to know that, if and when he begins his life with you, things won't always remain the same. By changing your decor with the seasons, you create a time to clean up things that have been lying and hanging around for months, unpack and spruce up things that have been packed away for a year, and keep the proverbial blood of the house flowing. He knows you are not stagnant and are not afraid of change. Also, with each change of the seasons, you create a chance for him to get involved and to maybe add a touch of his own to the deco of the your home so that he feels very much a part of it.

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