Elements of a Single Girl's Cozy Living Room

When the man of your dreams makes it over to your place, his immediate correlation should be comfort. There are lots of spaces and ways to create comfort in your home and you should exercise all of them!

Here Are A Few Tips For A Cozy Living Room:

  • If you are so blessed to have a functioning fireplace, frame it with seating for two.
  • Place a small table between your love bird seating where you can place a bottle of wine and two glasses and maybe a very small flower arrangement or reading material for those quiet moments you two may share by the fire.
  • Nothing compliments a roaring fire quite like a sheep skin rug. Place one just under the pair of chairs where your feet will rest. It feels so soft and comforting on the soles of your bare feet, especially during the winter months. Faux is okay!
  • Burn pleasantly scented candles. The warm glow is always comforting and be sure to choose scents found in nature but nothing too overpowering.
  • Keep coffee table books nearby, just incase you need a conversation starter or if you have to leave your guest alone in the living room to tend to dinner or slip into something more comfortable.
  • And, naturally, keep the mood mellow and the lighting dim.

What he will learn about you by the comfortable, warmness of your living room and the special seating built for two is that you are couple centric, you are not a hardened, cold single female who cares nothing about the comfort of companionship.


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