Design is Life

Did you know that our immediate environment contributes to our mood?  The one way, and I find it to be the most important way to fix our mood through our environment is to change our interiors.  Aesthetics are mentally stimulating, and reduces your stress levels.

Studies show a lot of that contributed stress is from the workplace, and the commute.  What good is that if you have to deal with the daily stress, and have to come home to an unsatisfying household, aesthetically.

I found that some of these simple decor and design hacks can remove your stress where you can come home to a space that's clean, attracting, and for you to simply unwind from your day.

Be Clutter-Free:

Decluttering is important, it can mentally stimulate you to have a clear mind, and you will begin to feel a sense of relief.  Declutter your space and notice the change in your mindset.

Fresh Paint:

Anything new brings on a warm feeling, and a fresh coat of paint just adds to that and can really change the whole look of a space.  It will give you that feeling that you're in a new home, without having to spend "new home money".  If you need help with choosing the right paint for your space, speak to a Design Specialist over at Richie Madison Interiors.

Light A Candle:

Some candles are really good at creating an ambience, plus they smell amazing!  Try a candle from Light the Mood, they have some amazing scents and bring on that relaxation that we all need at the end of the day.

Shop for Some New Decor:

Here is your reason to shop, and with a great excuse!  There is no doubt that new home decor can really amp up a space in the best way.  Get you a new throw to add some style to your sofa, upgrade your bed sheets to a luxury hotel-quality white, or what about that new piece of artwork you've been eyeing.  Shop responsibly, but don't forget to have fun!


Always remember that our mood is highly affected by our environment, we have the power to change it, and to design the life we want.

Design is life, make it a great one.