The Art of Luxe Layering

Hello, Gorgeous Girls!  Fall will be here in under two weeks, and I wanted to share with you a technique that will help you create a stylish home –– luxury layering.  Also called "luxe layering," it is defines as the art of mastering the design element by using fabrics, textures, and finishes to create a total sophistication and style in your decor.  

Ways to Achieve the Look


Luxe Layering Using Decor.  Layering your bed with a faux fur throw, and adding faux leather crocodile accent pillows will instantly create a more inviting and high end look and feel, it gives you texture which ultimately adds dimension.  You can also use very bold pieces of furniture.  I've come across a silver metallic chesterfield sofa (my client was down for this, so we moved forward!), velvet chesterfield sofas, or even DIY your own artwork using faux leather, take notes!







 Luxe Layering Using Finishes.  You not only can achieve this look by just decor and accents, but with paint, wallpaper, and flooring as well.  I love incorporating metallic paint as an accent wall.  I have to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of wallpaper, but there are so many beautiful looks you can create with the use of wallpaper to luxe layer.  You can even luxe layer starting with your flooring.  I say go with a black high gloss flooring, use gold finishes throughout, then a pastel pink chesterfield, with black velvet arm chairs, is this too exotic for you?  With the flooring being high gloss, it adds texture opposed to the typical matte finish.  You can have fun with layering finishes.  It can be very subtle to very flamboyant as you desire. 





Interior design and decorating is a huge world.  You can do a lot achieving it in many different ways, and with unique budgets.  Play with color and textures and you can create something custom to your style.  I love what I do because the visuals of a home really do shape the world as we see it.  Part of your well being is making your home gorgeous, like you!

If you would like to work with me to decorate your home, shop some of my curated and exclusive products, or just simply need pro design advice, I'm always here.

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