Bedroom Makeover: Upgrade Your Knobs

In October we moved into a brand new condo, and when we did, we made a very important decision. We were starting over. This move was all about shifting the energy in our lives, letting go of the old, and looking forward. So, we ditched the majority of our furniture and housewares, and started buying new stuff. It had been over a decade since I'd bought anything new, and this shift was just what we needed to manifest our goals in the last quarter of 2017 and beyond.

The $23 Upgrade:

Our new bedroom set goes perfectly with our new gray tufted bed. This solid wood set includes a dresser, bedside tables, and a desk chest that has a slight gray finish added to the wood. The original knobs were black metal pulls that were of good quality and cute in their own right, but I have plans for this bedroom, and black knobs aren't part of that plan.

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and so everything else has to compliment the bed, which has silver nailheads along the sides of the head and foot boards. So, the accent in the room has to be silver, and that means glamming the decor up a bit! So, I searched for the perfect silver knobs, and couldn't believe what I found.

Altogether, I needed 19 pulls for the dresser, bedside tables, and desk chest. What I found was a set of 25 knobs for under $23. Perfect. So, I order the knobs and two days later, they arrived. The seller had 5-star reviews, but there was one resounding "complaint" about the knobs –– the screws seemed to be too short for some people. But, I wasn't worried about that. I just used the screws that came with the furniture and didn't have not one issue with the installation.

And just like that, for less than $1 a knob, I gave my warm wood furniture a little facelift. The plan is to add a little glam to the bedroom, while keeping it warm and gender neutral. But this makeover is far from over. The bedside tables need lamps!

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