Bedroom Makeover: Mirrors and Drapes Rehung

Six months after moving into our new condo, I am still appointing the flat, and paying extra attention to my bedroom. I stared with the bed, and then, moved on to an entirely new suite –– a dresser, two bedside tables, and a desk chest. Next, I added accessories and upgraded the pulls on the furniture. I found the perfect drapes, and had them, hung by a friend on a temporary rod. For the next several months, I combed the internet for the perfect mirrors and waiting for the curtain rod I really wanted to come into stock. Finally, the rod and the mirrors were on their way.


After ordering the perfect mirrors from Amazon, I was disappointed when they arrived completely shattered. So, I opted for a set of mirrors from IKEA, which were less expensive and hand-delivered by our local store. This way, I could assure they would arrive intact. 

Also, after months of waiting, the specific curtain rods I had my eye on since we moved in October, finally came back into stock. So, when I received notice from Home Depot, I couldn't wait to order them! These drapery rods are made from one solid piece of steel, so they are non-telescoping, and are adorned with finials made to look like cut and polished crystal. I ordered mine in a chrome finish.

Both the mirrors and the rod were hung by a handyman I found on Yelp, who I absolutely adored. The mirror to the right of the bed was placed strategically to cover a third 26x26 window above the bed. This helped to balance the room, as the third window threw off the design.

Initially, the drapes were hung by a friend who hung them too low, plus, I used a telescoping rod. I was thrilled to finally have the drapes hung at the proper height and on the new rod.

All-in-all, I am extremely pleased with the bedroom, thus far, but I am not finished. This sanctuary will soon need a large mirror that will hang behind the television, a tall plant or tree of some kind, and a chair for my desk chest, as well as shades for the two remaining 26x26 windows above the bed.

The goal is to have the entire place appointed and comfortable by the winter holidays.


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