Bedroom Makeover: Add Sophistication with a Tufted Bed

After moving into our new place in October, one of the very first things we had delivered was a new bed frame, mattress, and boxspring. I wanted the place where we rest our heads to be free from bad energy from the past, I wanted a fresh start, and a new bed signifies just that. So, during the summer, months before our move, I began stalking a number of frames and settle on one very beautiful bed that added a touch of felinity and sophistication, while honoring the masculine energy that would be sharing this space with me.

IMG_6384 2.jpg

The bed I chose is a gray tufted bed, with silver nailhead accents along the head and foot boards –– and its gorgeous!

On its first night in the bedroom (pictured), it just kind of sat there, sad, speaking to me. We still had our old bedroom set, and I knew it would have to be the very next thing to go. So, I started looking. Our TV was still on the floor, we needed all new bedding, lamps, window treatments, EVERYTHING! But this bed would be my inspiration and I would build the perfect oasis around it.

I was on a mission.

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