Bedroom Makeover: Add Glam with Crystal & Silver Lamps

For the first two months after moving into our new place, we lived without proper lighting in the master bedroom. Before leaving our old place, I sold my wobbly crystal lamps to my crazy neighbor for $35. I never did get that money. So, now, here we were, in our new place, using an old lamp with a faulty switch, that didn't match with anything in our new place. It was time for new lamps.

With the silver nailheads on our upholstered bed, and the new silver knobs I put on the furniture, I knew what sort of lamp set I was looking for –– my favorite –– silver and crystal. So, I combed for the best price on a highly rated set of lamps, and I was not at all disappointed by my choice.

For just $127 for the set, I was pleased with the look, feel, and weight of these lamps! Since I am in the throws of decorating, and will be for atleast the next 6 months, I keep a measuring tape on my nightstand, in a beautiful Baccarat crystal bowl, because...why not.

Given the height of my headboard, I needed to be sure the beside side table lamps would be tall enough to compliment its height, plus, not get in the way of my daily use of the tables. I also wanted to be sure the lamp shades were not so flared that the lamps would take up too much space on the tables, as they need to clear the wall.

With all of that in mind, these lamps are perfect, and oh-so-beautiful! Next up...our first set of window treatments (we'll need two sets for this room, but the second set is a bit more complicated and needs a bit more planning).

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