Add a Bar Cart to Any Room, Especially This One


I am obsessed with Mad Men, and even though the show has been off the air since 2015, I still watch it religiously on Netflix. Anyone who has seen the show, especially as much as I have, must have noticed that there is a bar cart in almost every room, and in nearly every scene. There are bar carts in the bedrooms, living rooms, and offices –– including Betty Draper’s psychiatrists’s office, because that’s helpful. Everyone’s drinking (and smoking) all day long, no matter where they are, which might be why everyone’s lives fall apart, but let’s just ignore that part.

My Bedroom Bar Cart

From Mad Men came a brilliant idea –– put a bar cart in the bedroom so that my man and I would’t have to leave the room in the middle of the night for anything! We could make butt-naked Screwdrivers and munch on snacks and finger foods while binge watching our favorite shows.


Now, to be honest, our cart is specifically for unhealthy treats. The healthiest thing on the cart is a pitcher of lemon-cucumber water and ice, but that’s it. Our cart is all about pleasure and comfort and all the things we can’t do everyday.

Heck, it’s kind of a danger zone, but I like it!

That being said, if you struggle with impulse control, do not stock your cart with nasties. Instead, keep it stocked with healthy drinks and snacks, bringing in cheat-day-treats only on your designated cheat days.

I purchased our bar cart from Overstock for just over $100, and I’m still decorating it, keeping an eye out for the perfect accoutrements to give it personality, while still working with our bedroom decor. The cart is small and fits nicely in the corner of the room without being intrusive. So far, I have filled a couple jars with assorted candies, added a small cake stand for pastries, grabbed an artificial flower, dark and clear liquors, plus, coasters, glasses, a pitcher for water or punch, and cocktail recipe books! And last week, Blaire added a cute little string of LED lights from IKEA that she insisted I add to one of the candy jars. It was exactly what our cart needed! Now, at night, the cart glows, making it possible to use the cart at night without turning on the lights!

Obviously, I’m really excited about this cart.

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