A Simple Drum Shade, Plug-In, Swag Chandelier from Lamps Plus

Perfect for the Single Girl, a plug-in swag chandelier is an alternative to a hardwired chandelier, therefore, you can place it anywhere you'd wish, regardless of the wiring options in your home, so long as there is access to an electrical outlet, nearby. These are an especially wise choice for renters who wish to add a touch of light and style in rooms where this is no lighting or wiring for such.

This particular swag, from the Dyer Collection, was purchased from Lamps Plus for about $100 and seems to not be available on their website anymore, but there are plenty of other swags from which to choose.

We had this swag professionally installed, to be sure there would be no interactions with wiring and piping as well as the need to find the nearest wooden beam for security. I would suggest you have your swag professionally installed, even though there is no hardwiring involved.

Oh, another wonderful thing about drum shade swags is that you can always change your shade when you change your decor! The style possibilities are endless!

Anytime a woman can make something out of nothing, it's a turn-on and adding light to a dark space is a must. You may be surprised what a bit of lighting can do to, either, kill or liven a mood. Be sure your overhead lighting is soft -- nothing harsh and stressful. Be sure it warms the space and doesn't turn it into an interrogation room. What all this tells him about you is that you can make a space your own, regardless of the foundational limits. You are undeniable!

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