My Weekly Cleaning Routine

My Weekly Cleaning Routine

Home decor is not just about high end finishes, beautiful artwork, or luxurious fabrics.  The number one secret to home decor is a clean home.

Gorgeous Girls, how often do you do a deep cleaning of your home? or even that in between daily tidy up?  Below I share my weekly housekeeping routine that I reference when it's time to perform a deep cleaning in my home.


My Weekly Cleaning Routine


  • Wash your bed linens

  • Wash your clothes and towels to clear your hamper

  • Perform a deep cleaning of your bathrooms

  • Clean your floors, and vacuum all carpeted areas

  • Deep clean the kitchen by cleaning your refrigerator, wiping off cabinets, clean the sink area, countertops, and run the dishwasher

  • Wipe off door knobs and light switches with a disinfectant wipe

  • Use the Swiffer Duster to dust all areas including ceiling fans and vents





Keeping a clean home shows that you take pride in organization and cleanliness, and both of those can substantiate how you are in other areas of your life.  A clean home is welcoming, it creates a stress free environment, and it is the first step to a well designed home.


The way you keep your home is a direct reflection of make it a good one.  Live well.

Welcome to my world!  I'm Tiara.  Serial Entrepreneur, Interior Decorator, Home Decor Editor for The Gorgeous Girls Guide, and founder of Richie Madison Interiors, a virtual interior decorating studio specializing in residential design.

The original goal for Richie Madison Interiors was to offer an affordable luxury in new age interior design that's convenient, and simple.  I believe good design can be attainable to everyone at any budget.  My goal remains the same but now has more depth.  A well designed home affects your mood, it changes the way you interact with people, the way we think, it exudes confidence, and your personal style.  I want to create an experience for you, a timeless one.  

One of the most intimate things in your life is your home, and I thank you for allowing me to have a part in that.  

I look forward to sharing some of my design and decor tips, and really working with each of you to create the perfect space, virtually.