9 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Decorator

Hey Gorgeous Girls!  I hope you're off to a productive start of your week.  Most importantly, I hope your home is off to a clean start too!   Always remember, a clean home rids the mind and soul of clutter...I made that up, but it's true! I hear this question a lot, "why should I hire an interior decorator for my home when I can do it myself?".  Sure, you can do it yourself, but will you be happy with the final result?  Did you achieve the full design goal you set for the space?  Did you even set a design goal, how you want the place to function, anything?  Do you have a budget?  Do you know where to shop, or at least how to shop?  The questions are never ending.  I say yes, hire an interior decorator, but hire someone you trust, someone you can easily talk to.  It has to be a relationship there, your chosen decorator has to connect and understand you and your lifestyle.  The question may seem a bit bias since I am an Interior Decorator, but I have reasoning to back up my answer.

9 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Decorator


1. Saves you money. Sure, hiring a pro like my company, Richie Madison Interiors, you will have to pay a fee for the service, but it can save you from making costly mistakes.  One costly mistake would be trying to decorate several different rooms at one time, yourself. 

2. Saves you time.  It can be time consuming to spend hours trying to figure out a design look, try to stay in budget, and still maintain daily life.  When things get rough, hire a decorator.

3. Check your resources.  As a pro decorator or any decorator, we have access to resources that are not accessible to the general public.  I'm able to work with amazing retailers and vendors to bring you products at better pricing and access to custom items that you simply won't be able to pull on your own.

4. Customization.  You can work with your decorator and spill your design dreams and goals to her/him, and literally be done with it.  Your decorator will create a custom look for you, not something out of a magazine or a Pinterest board.  It will be a look that's custom to your needs, functionality, and style.

5. Budget.  This goes back to saving you money.  A pro will be able to work with your realistic budget and produce you something that you may not have been able to do yourself.

6. The experience.  The experience is what matters.  We all have to agree when working with a company to provide you a service, you expect more.  You expect great customer service, communication, and just a n overall amazing experience...something timeless where you tell your friends about it.

7. A professional assessment.  Just having that pro give you their advice and their touch makes a difference.  A professional assessment can lead to a definite plan of action.  Sometimes we can start something, and have second thoughts, then money's wasted.

8. Experience the new age in design.  Specifically, my company, Richie Madison Interiors, make design simple, affordable, and online.  Traditional design is costly, and time consuming.  You have to be available, and constantly see your pro face to face, and it can be almost like a disruption to your daily life.  RMI does things different, everything is online and affordable.  We design your look, and deliver it to you in a customized design kit.  It's more detail needed in between of course, but it's new age design that you may can't get with a traditional decorator.

9. The end result ending with results.  We all love results, I know I do.  Once it all comes down to it, and the deed is done, we finish with a smile and sigh of relief.  The wow factor is what you want, you know, the look you've had in your mind but just couldn't get it right.


Your surroundings determine the way you interact with the people around you, the way you think, and the way you move.  Start with you, then your decor.