9 Items For a Comfy Bed


Your bed is where you end and begin your day, making it the most important piece of furniture in your home, and therefore, the piece that needs the most attention, warmth, and love. Unfortunately, too many people have been taught to loathe sleep and the concept of staying in, enjoying their homes and what should be the comforts of it. That is, until they learned about the practice of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh), a Danish word used to describe a very special feeling or moment with friends or alone, at home or out, that is always cozy and charming! Being part-Dane, Hygge is a common concept for me, and might explain my obsession with creating special, warm, comfortable moments at home, for myself, my family, and our friends. For the intents and purposed of this post, let's focused on my favorite ways to create a warm, comfy bed –– perfect for the fall and winter months, known as nesting season!

Box Spring Cover:

For aesthetics, and to protect your box spring, cover it! Depending on your style of bed, bedding, and bed frame, you may also choose to use a bedskirt.

Foam Mattress Topper:

No matter what sort of mattress you have, it'll be made much better by adding afoam mattress topper.Not only does this sort of topper add additional comfort and support, but it helps prevent the wear-and-tear of your mattress!

Feather Bed Topper:

For those of you who live in cities that get bitterly cold during the winter months, try adding a feather bed topper to your mattress! This item would be placed on top of your foam topper, of you have one. With this, and the following items, you will be smothered in warmth from above and below. This can also help you save money on heating costs!

Waterproof Mattress Cover:

To further protect your mattress and mattress topper, cover it all with a waterproof mattress pad (except for your feather bed topper). Now, this rounds out the protection portion of this bedding outfit. Let's get to more warmth!

Egyptian Cotton Sheets:

Nothing beats the feeling of soft, warm Egyptian cotton sheets, especially those that emerge from the dryer wrinkle-free.

Warming Coverlet Set:

Add an extra layer of warmth by topping your flat sheet with a coverlet. This will come in handy on those chilly nights that aren't yet freezing, and add an extra layer of warmth to the next item on the list.

Down Alternative Duvet:

Adding a duvetto your bed's outfit is a must, especially during nesting season. When you're not using it, fold it down to the end of the bed, and pull it back up when the chill hits you. Paired with the flat sheet and coverlet, this piece is a sure-fired way to stay warm, cozy, and comfortable during the colder months.

Chenille Throw:

Place a chenille throw over the foot of your bedfor added warmth and comfort for the times you're sitting onthe bed, verses laying init. Also, as an added bonus, keep a basket filled with rolled up throws in the corner of your bedroom and living room for guests.

Down Pillows:

Nothing beats the warmth and comfort of down pillows. I like to use 2 pillows per case, for added support and weight. In all, I have 6 pillows on the bed:

  • 2 double-stuffed down pillows in sheet set cases (for sleeping)

  • 2 memory foam pillows in duvet set cases (for sleeping)

  • 2 double-stuffed cotton fiber pillows in coverlet set cases  (for protecting the headboard)

I use 4 of the pillows for sleeping, place one between my knees, and the other three in a sort of 'A' shape, to support my neck, back, and front. All of these work together much like a body pillow does, but as anyone who has owned a body pillow knows, they are difficult to store, or make look pretty on your bed.

Elisabeth Ovesen